Sunday, 15 January 2017

Valentine's Day Literacy and Math Activity Pack

Valentines Day Printable Worksheets and Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and whether you celebrate this holiday or not, it's always nice to have an opportunity to spread a little extra love!

So let's celebrate the love with a themed literacy and math pack, there are 81 pages packed full of activities, no prep worksheets, puzzles and more, to aid in a fun filled Valentine's day in class.

Valentines Day Worksheets Cover Page
There are so many cute Valentine graphics out there, I had so much fun creating this pack!

You can download a freebie from my TPT store so you can get an idea of what is in the pack. The freebie includes a colour by number worksheet, a word family worksheet, word family heart puzzles and a flower number puzzle strip page. You can download it HERE!

So what do you get in this pack?

Preview of my Valentines Day worksheets.

As usual, there are some good old number bonds, as I love using these with my students. There are lots of hearts to carry the Valentine theme and they also come with corresponding answer sheets.

Number bonds worksheet

There are two graphing sheets, students color the pictures, count them, and graph their results.

Valentine graphing worksheets

Printable graphing Valentine worksheets

You get three sort the cupcake sheets, I love anything that involves cutting and pasting as it keeps my students entertained for ages!  You also get missing number / missing letter sheets. These also come in color as well if you don't mind using up the color ink! I just loved the pink of the numbers so much!

Cut and paste cupcake sort worksheet.

I love how these flower sums / word family worksheets came out! There are addition and subtraction flowers and word family et, in, ap, un, og, ad flowers.

Valentine flower sum worksheets

Valentine word family worksheets

Word family activity sheets

Preview of my Valentines Day activities.

My students also love to fill in their coloring pages. There are lots to choose from here, color by sum, color by number and color by sight word. I have included both UK and US versions.

Sight word valentine coloring pages

Sight word valentine colouring pages

Addition coloring pages

There are 4 greater than / less than cut and paste sheets (2 in color and 2 in black & white), students cut out the alligator signs and paste them into the correct box.

Greater than less than alligator worksheets

A fun element are these Valen - time watches. Students draw the watch hands at the given time on their strap, color them in, cut them out and adhere with tape around their wrist.

telling time paper valentines watches

Preview of my Valentines Day printables.

Because it's Valentine's Day, there have to be lots of hearts, right? So here you have some pink heart puzzles!

Students have to match the words to create a compound word. There are 12 words and they can either match the words or the pictures. To accompany these are compound word worksheets. I give these to my students once they have become familiar with the puzzles. Students can either cut and paste the pictures into the correct box, or identify the compound word from the pictures and write the compound word below in the space provided.

Compound word valentine puzzles

Compound word valentine watches

Cut and paste compound word valentine worksheets

Compound word valentine worksheets

There are four number puzzle strips (2 in color and 2 in black & white), with numbers 1 - 10 and numbers 11 - 20. I like to laminate the color puzzles to be used in a center. Students also love to color in their own version.

Number strip valentine puzzles

Valentine number puzzle strips

Flower number puzzle strips

Preview of my Valentines Day worksheets.

There are bright and colorful beginning sound task cards that feature all 26 letters of the alphabet. Simply print, cut and laminate. Students look at the picture and identify the beginning sound. An answer sheet is provided for students to write in their answers. You could also use these as clip cards or have students show their answer by using play dough or buttons.

Beginning sound valentine task cards

Valentine's Day task cards and answer sheet

Valentine beginning sound clip cards

Valentines play dough task cards

Beginning sound valentine task cards with buttons

There are two writing prompts: "What do you love? Explain why." "Who do you love? Explain why?" with space to draw a picture and write their answer. I have included both color and black & white versions.

There is a cute Valentine bear alphabetical order worksheet featuring words associated with Valentine's Day.

Preview of my Valentines Day worksheets.

I love word searches, so here is a heart shaped word search. I have provided two versions. The first version features words on one line and the second version features words that intersect horizontally and vertically.

Valentines word search printable worksheet

Two cut and paste pattern worksheets are included, one with a simple repeating pattern and the other with more advanced patterns.
Valentine pattern worksheets

I love teaching word families and these heart shaped puzzles are perfect as reinforcement. Bright and colorful, they feature a variety of word families. Students have to match the picture and the first letter. As they complete the puzzle I get them to say the word out loud.

Word family heart puzzles

Word family heart puzzles for Valentine's day

Valentines word family worksheet

There are coordinating worksheets which I use after students have become familiar with the puzzles. They fill in the missing letter and then write out the whole word. Of course, their favourite part is coloring in the pictures!

There are so many options in this pack, hopefully you'll love it as much as I do!

Are you doing anything special this Valentine's day, either in the classroom or out? I'd love to hear how you'll be spending you day / evening!

Happy teaching!